Saturday, March 20, 2010

Philippine's Healing Priest in Butuan

For the second time, Congressman Jose Aquino II invited Fr. Fernando Suarez to have a Healing Mass in Butuan City.

The day falls on the Congressman's 54th birthday celebration, a unique way to offer a gift to the people, giving the opportunity to be touched and be healed with whatever afflictions they may have.

People on wheelchair, canes and even a woman who is bedridden for quite a long time due to spinal problems was brought to Sanchez Gym in Caraga State University hoping to be well.

Father Fernando for all his supernatural ability to heal, is ironically a natural, down-to-earth, warm and cheerful person devoid of any self-pride. He is so intimately people-friendly and accommodating that crowds gravitate and relate to him like they have known him as a long time friend.

One character that is his greatest asset to a fault is his simplicity and humility. Father Suarez strikes everyone as a good-natured and humble person that can be instinctively trusted and easy to confide to; thus everyone always wants to come close to him seeking miraculous favors.

But the gift of healing wasn't meant to be kept in secret, it was destined by God to be shared by Father Fernando for the benefit of those who needs it the most. They are the poor, the destitute and desperate who have lost all hope in life, and have no one to turn to for their physical needs.

Father Fernando prioritizes the critically-ill patients who are bed-ridden, next in line are those unable to walk and are saddled on wheelchairs.

Routinely, he would hold both hands and lifting them up to encourage the patient to stand; as he guides them to walk independently on their own. Miraculously, they rise up to naturally walk with him as if nothing of their complications ever transpired. Thereafter, he gives the wheelchair to the patient who pulls it out of the aisle walking on their own.

People in attendance were required to pin a piece of paper on their chest, written on it are the afflictions in the fulfillment of their healing requests.

"The Lord heals by His Presence, His Touch, through His Word and by partaking of the Holy Eucharist. It is by your faith in Jesus that you are healed. When you come to Him, humbling oneself to ask for forgiveness and healing, God responds accordingly with great compassion and outpouring of Love."

Father Suarez is ably assisted by his fellow Canadian priest Father Jeff Shannon. Both of them belong to the Canadian Congregation of the Companions of the Cross. Many who were healed attests to the healing capabilities of Father Jeff and like Father Fernando, it is a common sight to see people falling unconsciously on their backs after being prayed over by them and "slained by the Holy Spirit".


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