Monday, August 2, 2010

Masao Beach

El Rio de Butuan, now called Masao is the only beach in Butuan City known by its history as Magellan's Landing Site.

Every year on March 31, Butuan City celebrates MAZAUA DISCOVERY DAY to commemorate a historic milestone.

In 1995 a bill was filed by then Congresswoman Charito B. Plaza of Agusan del Norte claiming the Easter mass on March 31, 1521 was held at Butuan not Limasawa. The bill's contention was that the wooden boat called "balanghai" dug up at Butuan proved it was Mazaua.

The National Historical Institute officials "adopted" the finding of the Gancayco Panel which dismissed the Ginés de Mafra account as fake and forthwith unilaterally reverted the discussion to pre-de Mafra context which was back to whether the "site of the first mass" was Limasawa, the isle without anchorage, or Butuan, which is not an isle.

The NHI re-affairmed its previous pronouncements that Limasawa is Magellan's port.

Despite NHI's decision, Butuan Historians believes otherwise based on documents.


  1. nice!! thanks sa post. i like this beach. lami pa magpaluto ug isda kung maligo mi kay fresh au jud. and the locals are friendly pa jud

  2. basin nabayaran ang NHI joy. historically no word of limasawa can be found in the chronicles of magellan but limasagua. but the one was mentioned is mazaua - refer to old name of masao.