Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Kahimunan Champion

The Kahimunan Grand Parade kicked off Sunday at exactly 1PM along JC Aquino avenue with a total of 5 contingents within barangay Libertad competing for the top prize in the amount of P50,000.

Contingent No. 4, the Libertad National High School is this year's Grand Kahimunan Champion and got all minor awards namely, Best in Street Dancing, Best in Costume and Best in Musicality

2nd place - #2 Purok 3 and 3A of Libertad

3rd place - #3 Libertad Central Elementary School

consolation prize: #5 Dumalagan
#1 Purok 4

Higante Competition
1st prize - #2 Purok 2
2nd prize - #1 Libertad Pedicab Operator-Drivers Association
3rd prize - #3

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