Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tek Bok

High School graduates this year who wish to pursue a career in Tourism or Hotel and Restaurant Management, Ladderized Education can turn dreams into the stuff of which realities are made.

The Tourism/HRM Ladder - in the field of hotel and restaurant management is
readily reachable under the Pinoy Ladderized Education Program (Pinoy LEP). You
can consider enrolling fi rst in any of the related College Tek-Bok courses and work
your way towards higher levels of success, whether or not you complete a Higher Education Degree Program.

After completing related College Tek-Bok courses and obtaining the corresponding
National Certifi cates (NCs), you have better chances of landing a job, and earning
money, to enroll and to complete a Higher Education College Degree Program,
should you want to do so.

There are a variety of paths you can take to fi nish your B.S. Hotel and Restaurant
Management (BS HRM) Degree, for instance:

1) You can receive a PGMA LEP
or TWSP scholarship to start up
in College Tek-Bok and take up
Food and Beverage Services NC

2) After six months, you can pass
Competency Assessment and
acquire the National Certifi cate
for Food and Beverage Service
NC II to rise to a job platform as waitress or a service crew member. For
another six (6) months you can enroll again, pass assessment and acquire
National Certifi cate for Commercial Cook NC II and work as such.

3) Another set of College Tek-Bok courses, Housekeeping NC II and
Baking/Pastry Production NC II, will allow you to ascend to a higher
job platform in a hotel.

4) After working and saving more money, you can return to College Tek-
Bok to acquire new skills in Bartending NC II and Front Offi ce Service
NC II that will bring you yet again to the next higher job platforms.

5) Each time you ascend, you are empowered to earn and save more money
for Higher Education College, as well as to acquire more credit units to
complete your full B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management Degree.

Just as importantly, you acquire vital work experience in each area of hotel
operations--- experience which the industry normally looks for in candidates aspiring
for top positions in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

By the time you graduate, your accumulated work experience gives you valuable
competitive edge over those who completed the Degree straightaway within the
traditional, uninterrupted span of four (4) years, but who have no Tek-Bok experience
and no National Certifi cations to show.

Under the Embedded Model, students who enroll in a Ladderized Degree
Program in Tourism/HRM, and cannot or do not wish to fi nish Higher Education
for one reason or another, may fall back or rely on their earned College Tek-Bok
qualifi cations and National Competencies for the years of study they completed.

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