Monday, March 2, 2009

Mabua Pebble Beach

Located 30 minutes from Surigao City - which is a 3 hour ride from Butuan City - a unusual, unique beach tourists will love it. You don't see sands, everywhere are pebbles and rocks and crystal clear sea water. This would be everybody's favorite place to unwind, spend the night with the family. The rock formation serves not only for kids to climb on but also perfect as diving boards. Or you can climb and sit on the rocks under the coconut trees on the mountain top, enjoying the scenic view or just settle yourself above the huuuuge rocks along the hsoreline and gazed at the sun setting beautifully.
A place for bonding.....chillin.....or if you want a piece of solitude...this is a perfect place for you.
Along its shores are native cottages, but it also have a nice, clean pavilions. Mt. Bagarabon Mountain Resort has Caba-Caba (butterfly)Suites, Hayahay (relaxing) suites and filipino foods were a delight for foreign tourists.

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