Saturday, October 17, 2009

Women to Fight Like a Man to Save Life and Properties

There will be a paradigm shift happening in the Bureau of Fire Protection as lady fire fighters will now become part of the usual all-man team in responding fire incidents in Butuan City.

Last month in Surigao City, 12 female firefighters, the first in Caraga, were presented by BFP Regional Director Fire Senior Supt. Warlito Daus.

The initiative of adding women to the BFP force was replicated in Butuan under the leadership of City Fire Marshall Rey Antonio Restauro who supervise the training on basic knowledge suppressing fire including rescue techniques and first aid to 6 lady firefighters.
“They have just completed series of intensive trainings and ready to respond in an emergency situation,” said City Fire Marshall Restauro.

As present, the office is undergoing modification to accommodate the night shifts of lady firefighters.

Restauro said, there would be plenty of adjustment that needs to be done but as far as work is concerned, men and women firefighters will have an equal opportunity with the same goal that is to save life and properties.

SFO1 Deborah Llanus is the team leader of the city’s first 6-member team of lady firefighters who worked in the medical division as Non-Uniformed Personnel of the BFP since 1999.

When asked why she joined a tough profession dominated by men SFO1 Llanus replied, “It would be fulfilling to help and save a life. This is a kind of job that after facing a big challenge the effort will be rewarded with a great feeling. It feels good to help people at a time they need you. Joining would also encourage other women in this new generation that working with a man’s job like fire fighting is possible, that we could work just as hard and as dedicated in a manner shown by men at the Bureau of Fire Protection.”

After undergoing rigorous trainings, women fire fighters at Butuan City Fire Station are now ready to face their first assignment in fire fighting and in responding to emergency calls to fight like a man to save life and properties during fire incidents.

SFO1 Llanus team composed of SFO1 Jujie Jalan, FO1 Maridesa Digal, FO1 Joyce Pallado, FO1 Rica Joy Palarca, and FO1 Jesiel Ramos.

To date, the City Fire Department only have 2 serviceable fire trucks but started to train these women fire fighters some driving lessons to prepare them as soon as the 3 fire trucks will be made available after undergoing repairs.

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