Sunday, January 17, 2010

Agusan National High School Contingents Kahimunan Festival 2010 Champion

Spectators lined along the street wet and unmindful of the cold to watch and took some pictures every time contingents from Agusan National High School, Libertad National High School, NORMISIST Cabadbaran, Libertad Women’s Organization and Butuan City Hall passes by.

Different images of the Sto. NiƱo. Devotees of the Santo Nino understand Kahimunan as a prayer, a dance. It is an indigenous rite for the living: the actuation of thanksgiving, an offering. A plea for heavenly grace and earthly favors.

Agusan National High School - Champion receiving 200,000 pesos cash prize

Butuan City Hall (Butuan Artist Group)- 1st Prize receiving 150,000 pesos cash

Caraga State University (formerly NORMISIST)-Cabadbaran 2nd Prize Winner receiving 120,000 pesos cash

A 10,000 cash prize were accorded to Libertad Women's Organization and Libertad National High School as consolation prize winners


  1. .. and amazing pictures from the festival :o)

    Too bad it was raining so much ..

    Thanks for visiting my blog as well - I've added myself as a follower on this blog.

    Hugs from Toril

  2. yeah too bad it rains, nevertheless it didn't spoil the festivities, thanks for visiting and adding, best regards ;)

  3. ahm gud eve senyora? is it the butuan artist group in city hall is the second only?.... and the agusan high is the champion or 1st?

  4. @jayjohnraien Agusan National High School bagged the Championship Awards, thanks ;)

  5. Welcome Senyora!.. ahm juz want to know (we) they the butuan artist group bagged the Championship in Dagkot Festival in Cabadbaran ..see for more details..:-) ... thank God.... God Bless us all....

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