Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Miss Libertad 2010

Miss Libertad 2010 is Miss Tweety Pie Cabardo

Barangay Libertad in Butuan City celebrates its annual fiesta for the celebration of its patron St. Senior Sto. NiƱo every third Sunday of January of the year. Of the 86 barangays in Butuan, the fiesta in Libertad is the most remarkable because of the Kahimunan Festival. (photo from Digital Teens)


  1. I'm Olivier Pachet, 18 rue Balzac honore de montbazon (37250)

    I spent three months in the Philippines with my girlfriend
    Julie Corpus Peral originating Butuan.

    trixiejcp_0008@yahoo.com (not good now, she changed)
    Back in France, this one lets me know that she is pregnant
    I sent him three transfers by Western Union (250,500,1000,

    And she laughs after saying that it is not true and it
    will go to work abroad, the money came to pay

    I will not see nor money, nor the girl!

    I'm an idiot, but at forty years, no children, it is easy

    God Bless her for what she did!


    Olivier Pachet

  2. Can you delete my old post, O pachet