Monday, February 8, 2010

Balangay Shrine, Renovated

The excavation site of 9 Balangay's and other archeological artifacts

a much improved glass casing for the Balangay

The Balangay, well preserved and a reminder of Butuan's pride

tiled floors

The Balangay Site Museum was repaired and renovated under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the National Museum and the Metro Manila Chapter of BUTUAN GLOBAL FORUM, INC.

The chapter provided the funds for the improvement project which was managed by the Butuan Historical & Cultural Foundation.

Former City Engineer Eddie Sanchez supervised the repair and renovation free of charge.

Currently, the National Museum is looking for partners which can undertake the rehabilitation of the Balangay Museum's comfort rooms, storage areas, perimeter fence and museum grounds.

Balangay Shrine is the repository of Balangays (Butuan Boats) that are similar to the contemporary (Badyaw)Sama Laut's lepa boat and the barangay boat described in 17th century A.D.

According to the book,"Patterns of the Past: The Ethno Archaelogy of Butuan," it is only in the Philippines where a flotilla of such prehistoric wooden boats exists throughout the world.

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