Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pride of Butuan

kids on board Diwata ng Lahi while watching the launching of Masawa Hong Butuan

waving the Philippine flag, showing Butuan's pride. Balangay Team Leader Art Valdez encouraged Filipinos by saying 'Kaya ng Pinoy, while Butuanons proudly shouts 'Mahinang Hong mga Butuanon' as Butuan Global Forum, Inc led by its President Laurice Guillen and the Butuan Historical & Cultural Foundation with its President local historian Greg Hontiveros successfully made into realization the construction of the second Balangay christened Masawa Hong Butuan

whatever is the position and hardships, ready as always to cover the historic event

Bayanihan spirit, all in the name of Masawa Hong Butuan

made of Dungon Tree (yakal tree, Masawa Hong Butuan will mark another history putting Butuan in the limelight as she travels with Diwata ng Lahi on its epic Voyage to complete the Philippine mission and endeavors for the Southeast Asia.