Saturday, April 4, 2009

20 Ladies Shows Off for the Final Screening for Mutya Hong Butuan 2009

Only 10 out of 20 applicants, who made it to the final screening after three consecutive Saturdays which started on March 14, will be declared as final candidates for the Mutya Hong Butuan. Clad on their bikini’s they paraded and introduced themselves to the Mutya Committees headed by Balangay Festival Director General Pablito Tiu.

The ladies who will then be receiving a Pink Letter on April 6 would mean they belong to the Official Ten Mutya candidates. However, the revelation of the names for the official candidates of the Mutya candidates will be on May 2 yet, during the Mutya Hong Butuan 2009 Presentation Night at FSUU Gym.

The Mutya Hong Butuan beauty pageant will be held on May 18 that serves as the highlight of the fiesta celebration held every 19th of May.

City Tourism Officer Ayeth Guno said, as soon as they choose the 10 official candidates, the ladies will undergo a week-long training on Speech Development and Table Etiquette to start on April 13, as the Mutya Hong Butuan titlist will become Butuan’s ambassadress.

Prior to the coronation night, the candidates will have a photo shoot on the city government’s Best Practices and Historical Sites to promote its tourism industry.
Butuan City officially starts its month long Balangay Festival on May 1 with a motorcade and a grand opening ceremonies at the Rizal Park.

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