Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mutya Hong Butuan 9 Official Candidates

#1 Aries Castillo, 16 years old, #2 Cristy Marie Orcullo, 16 #3 Shahani Mongaya, 18 #4 Anna Lou Pedrosa, 18 #5 Mariane Plaza, 16 #6 Catherine Rose Lim, 20 #7 Lou Jaye Bongato, 17 #8 Sharmaone Alisa Basinang, 16 #9 Sheena Grace Cubillas, 20

Of the 20 pretty Butuanon ladies who make it to the final screening last April 4, the lucky 10 were finally chosen and became the official candidates for the Mutya Hong Butuan 2009, but recently, one candidate backed out. The candidates attended photo sessions and trainings on Speech & personality Development,Table Etiquettes, and for the first time, the candidates received Health Awareness Lecture with Dr. RJ Villanueva, sponsored by Butuan DOTS Clinic as part of the World TB Day. The ladies were lectured about TB Awareness, Fitness Enhancement and Sex Education.

Mutya Hong Butuan beauty pageant is just one of the many activities lined up for the month long celebration of the Balangay (pronounced as ba-lang-hay) Festival in May.

The 9 Pretty Faces will be seen for the first in public during the opening ceremony of the Balangay festival on May 1 at the Rizal Park after the motorcade, and to be officially introduced to the public on May 2 during the Mutya Presentation Night at FSUU Gym.

The coronation night is scheduled on May 17.

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