Monday, April 27, 2009

Butuan Regional Museum, Doongan

Sundial, inaugurated by then President Fidel V. Ramos on September 11, 1983. A project of the United Architects of the Philippines-Butuan Chapter

Mahogany Tree

Batuan Tree

Repository of historical and cultural materials and artefacts that showcased Butuan’s pride and proves its pre-hispanic existence as well as its rich cultural heritage.

The museum has two galleries namely, the pre-historic and the Archaeological Hall which exhibits specimens of stone crafts metal crafts, potteries, gold smithing, burial coffins, different artifacts recovered at different stages/periods of man’s existence, the Golden Tara that signifies Butuan’s relation with Indonesia as well as other ceramic wares found in association with beautiful guild ornaments and beads among burial coffins. It also has on exhibit a bronze pestle (a foreign object in its time) dug up in March 2001 in Pinamanculan- a place believe to be an isle so obviously its brought by foreigners trading with the locals.

The Ethnology Hall features the cultural communities of the Manobo, Mamanwa, Higaonon and the lowland Butuanons, a showcase of the rich cultural heritage of Butuan.

Butuan Regional Museum is a branch of the National Museum entrusted by law as the repository & guardian of the Philippines’ national & cultural heritage particularly the historical materials and artefacts that proves Butuan’s prehistoric existence and rich culture. It also enhances the preservation and maintenance of archaeological finds that could be useful to scholars, students and researchers on Mindanao culture. It promotes public consciousness and awareness of the origin of the provinces and cities of the region.

The Regional Museum in Butuan City will soon undergo renovation. Recently, the Sangguniang Panglunsod approved a resolution authorizing Mayor Democrito D. Plaza II to enter a memorandum of agreement with the National Museum who will be tasked to conduct cultural mapping, to be able to identify Butuan City’s cultural and historical interests.

The cultural mapping will be made in all 86 barangays to include in identifying their culture, food, games, and events that could trace back the history of Butuan.

It has a budget of more or less 2.6 million pesos, part of which will be allocated to renovate the now dilapidated building of the Butuan Regional Museum, putting at risk the artifacts put on display.

City Councilor Ramon Carampatana, Chairman of the Committee on Tourism also revealed that the National Museum already approved the construction of one additional gallery for the Butuan Regional Museum.

A plan is also in progress, between members of the Butuan Global Foundation, Inc and the Butuan Regional Museum to restore the labels of each tree around the museum that contains the date it was planted, and its scientific name, among those are Narra Tree, Batuan Tree, and Mahogany Tree.


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