Friday, August 14, 2009

2010 deadline to Rout the NPA Unattainable as the Struggle Continues



“NPA stronghold in Caraga is gaining strength despite the surrender of few as new generations are on the verge of entering a new stage of revolutionary struggle,” this was revealed by Ka Lenin who was among the 3 additional NPA members who surrendered to authorities.

Police Regional Director Lino Calingasan admits the 2010 deadline for the AFP in active support of the PNP to solve insurgency problems is unattainable, but it will reduce the number of NPA rebels and assured the people that they are doing the best they can to comply the guidelines and achieve the goals that has been set by the President.

On the part of the AFP, 26IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Andres Centino said that the campaign against insurgency in the region is encouraging with the series of NPA members who returning back to the folds of the law as a result of the sincerity of the government in attaining a lasting peace.

“Communist rebels will no longer be treated as a national security threat by 2010 and would be reduced into a matter of police concerns,” added Lt. Col. Centino.
Yesterday, 2 NPA leaders and 3 members who surrendered on August 6 in Talacogon, Agusan del Sur were presented to Police Chief Supt. Lino Calingasan in a press conference at Police Regional Office 13 conference room with the presence of Operations and FESAGS Chief PSS Nestor Fajura, Chief of Directorial Staff PSS Samuel Yordan, Agusan del Sur Police Provincial Director Antonio Paguirigan and Lt. Col. Centino of the 26IB, 4th Infantry Division.

Ka Lenin confessed about how they, as Lumads were being exploited by the NPA’s taking advantage of their innocence and vulnerability to certain issues confronted by people living in poverty.

He blatantly said that they were forced to join the NPA due to the lack of government support in their hope to have a better life.

However, comrades and families were beginning to get sick and medical attention was not given although they were being promised by NPA leaders.

The surrender of Ka Lenin, Ka Alfon, Alyas Joy, Alyas Braggo and Alyas Ayaba disclose the state of insufficiency in motivation to keep on fighting for the armed struggle movement. They broke free from the NPA and decided to live a normal life and now undergoing social integration program to prepare them to join the community.

To date, the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Peace Process was able to release close to 3M for the Social Integration Program of Caraga’s rebel returnees, now called Kauban sa Reporma.

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  1. I would really hate to be caught in the middle of that. I can see many people being frightened that live there. Sad.